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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sheer material is making a huge come back and is being used for everything from pillows, panels, valances and shades.  Even outdoor sheers are possible with the beautiful acrylic sheer fabrics from Sunbrella.  

A more natural style and appearance is often desired so linen, silk and cotton sheers are very popular as are the linen look polyester sheer which will be more stable and wrinkles less.  

Sheers are available in many beautiful textures from voile to casements and can be found in a rainbow of colors although the neutral colors are still most commonly used.  There are many embroidered sheers on the market as well as sheer woven with metallic threads for a more dramatic appearance.

Working with sheer fabric can be a challenge for the workroom and must be tested prior to ironing or steaming.  Cutting sheer requires patience but many sheer fabrics are available in wide widths for railroading or running the fabric horizontally off the bolt so no seaming is needed.

I have included photos of a sheer arched tie top panels from Southern Living magazine and sheer outdoor panels using Sunbrella fabrics (www.sunbrella.com or www.glenraven.com).

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Great Links

Draperies and other window coverings have many functions such as providing privacy and light control, insulation and last but not least decoration.  The materials used in drapery making vary from light and sheer to heavy and textured but I have never seen chain link transformed into a beautiful drapery until I learned of Cascade Coil.  The innovative use of chain link as drapery has an unexpected luxurious drape and appearance.  This material is perfect in public spaces due to the fact that it does not collect dust, is flame retardant, will not stain and it is extremely durable.   In the photo above you can see how beautiful Cascade Coil drapery looks with dramatic lighting in the Oasis Bar and Restaurant (photo from www.cascadecoil.com)  To learn more and to see some other inspiring uses of Cascade Coil in commercial and residential environments visit their website at www.cascadecoil.com

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cocktails anyone?


Have you ever thought to combine drinks and drapery?  No, not that afternoon glass of wine after a long day of window treatment design or fabrication!  Look at this great idea, a skirted bar surrounded by working panels from the Orchard Hill Designer Show House in New York.        http://www.orchardhilldesignershowhouse.com  

This is not only a creative solution but a beautiful room accent, a little surprise behind the curtain.  I found this idea on the Domino Magazine website www.dominomag.com where you will find a very intimate, behind the scenes look at design, craftsmanship and nail-biting deadlines that are part of designer show house lore.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Functional Art

This beautiful glass, crescent shaped tie back was created by French artist Remy Lemoine (http://remy.lemoine.free.fr/) and is a perfect example of art with a purpose, a job to do.  It has an ethereal, delicate quality that is fragile yet sturdy at the same time.  Drapery design is an art in itself and this is made more clear with the introduction of the unique or unexpected material or detail.  

Saturday, August 9, 2008

White House Interiors

At this website you can view the changes in styles such as the original window treatment designs of the oval office which appears to be tailored velvet cornice boards with an eagle applique over draperies to the contemporary white panels with inset braid of the 1960's.  

Currently the oval office wears a more traditional gold, trimmed kingston-swag and panel design.  This tour of design changes over 100 plus years provides window treatment designers the ability to see how different types of window treatments can affect the overall impression and mood of the room.

 There are many rooms available for view on-line that only a few people get to visit such as the famous Lincoln Bedroom, the private bedroom of the President and more unusual rooms such as the bowling alley, billiards room and solariam.  Enjoy this fascinating tour of the White House but be prepared, you may become lost in this unique peek into the USA's most interesting residence.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bay Window Ideas

Bay windows are a beautiful addition to any room.  The bay shape can be a simple bump-out or a multi-angled circular shape.  The bay window provides light, space and unique character to the home both inside and out.  

Window treatment design for bay windows varies from simple, inside mount shades to multi-layered styles.

If there is wall space above and beside the bay consider treating the wall and not the inside the bay itself.   This is a beautiful way to have a full sized treatment instead of a scaled down version fitted inside the bay.   In this photo the bay window is layered with a beautiful shaped valance, panels and shades.  The addition of a soft cushion and pillows turns this window into an inviting and cozy nook.  (Photo from www.customdraperyandmore.com).

An outside mount bay window treatment can make a small bay look larger and frames the view and will make it the focal point of the room.