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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have a great collection of historic and vintage design, decorating and sewing books.  A good friend helped me learn how to use the internet as an excellent source for even more information from days gone by.  I find the descriptions, advice and illustrations fascinating.

In the ad below you will see the term "window treatments" used.  I always assumed that this was a more contemporary description for draperies and curtains but the ad, from 1903 proves that the term is much older than I thought.  I also found the term "window furnishings" used in a book from 1919 titled The Practical Book of Interior Decoration in the chapter titled "Windows and Their Treatment".

Another interesting tidbit was found in the 1910 book titled House Furnishing Advertising by William Bordsodi where bed comforters are referred to as "comforts" and "comfortables".  I have never seen this charming term before.  Here is a quote from the book.  "When the thermometer begins to hover around the zero mark then comfortables are the order of the day, or the night rather.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tailored Panels

There are many styles of pleated headings for panels.  A flat, tailored style of pleat is known as an inverted pleat or box pleat.  It is made by stitching in pleats with the fullness to the reverse side of the heading instead of to the front like with a French or Goblet pleat.   I have put together some of my favorite tailored panel styles which all have unique looks but the techniques are very similar.  Enjoy!

Tailored panels with decorative hardware and button detail. www.bhg.com

Bamboo and linen blend material used for a tailored panel.  www.greenyourdecor.com

Oragmi style tailored panel.  The inverted pleats are hand stitched open making a diamond design.  www.anthropologie.com

Inverted pleat with a "twist" by Susan W. Schurz

The creative tailored treatments below are from www.windows-and-more-by-chrystal.com

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Incredible Egg

Easter is a holiday filled with inspiration.  Renewal, rebirth and hope.  The egg is the perfect symbol.  In interior design the classic oval or egg shape can be seen in everything from egg and dart moldings to decorative hardware, fabric prints and furniture.

A beautiful way to treat an oval window with lace and nailhead edging. 

John Ragsdale finials from Finestra Decorative Hardware www.finestradecorativehardware.com

The Egg Bed is a contemporary cocoon with lighting, music and massage built in.

Eggs in a nest baby bedding. www.myretrobaby.com

Fabric covered Eggs from www.etsy.com

Faberge Egg inspired fabric.

I love this mod egg design fabric.  www.tulapink.com

Egg and Dart molding

Pretty overlapping ovals print www.laurabeedesigns.blogspot.com

The Egg Chair, originally designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 is a classic. 

And just for fun.....Men in Black in Egg Chairs

Monday, April 6, 2009

White on White Decor

Some may say white walls are boring. 

But I think choosing white can be very trendy, confident or even daring.

A white color palette can be traditional....


Or clean country chic...


A white color palette can be vintage inspired...



Or just simply romantic...


White on white decor can be ultra modern.....


And last but not least one of my favorites. 
The Grasshopper chair, what a stunning silhouette.