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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Humble Little YoYo

What was once considered an old-fashioned quilters technique has now become popular as an embellishment for everything from clothing to soft home furnishings.  Yoyo making is an easy technique to learn.  Each yoyo is made by gathering a circle of fabric around the edges and bringing the gathers up to the center.

Yoyo's can become a beautiful embellishment by varying the sizes and materials, adding buttons or jewels or by combining them in interesting patterns.  

To speed up yoyo making use a grommet or button press to cut out the circles.

Yoyo embellished cocktail dress found at Sak's.

Button yoyo's used for tufting a quilted coverlet.  Susan W. Schurz www.tavernhill.net

Feminine yoyo belt from www.etsy.com could make a lovely tieback for simple curtains.

Spacing silk yoyo's along a tailored banding brings a unique look to the leading edge of a panel by Susan W. Schurz

Creative yoyo assortment from www.calamitykim.typepad.com

Pretty pumpkin faux silk panels with button yoyo leading edge. 
Toni Hollinsgworth, A Fresh Approach, Columbia, SC.

Black and white yoyo collection www.etsy.com

Simplicity historic dress pattern with yoyo embellished skirt overlay.  
Fun with the classic Duncan Yoyo and cello with Classic Yo-Yo Ma.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Favorites from Vision09-IWCE

The premium trade show of the year for window coverings professionals ended today.  I enjoyed meeting many talented and hard working business owners from all over the world.  Here are a few of my favorite things from Vision09, International Window Coverings Expo.

Butterfly crewel from MDS Fabrics 
Crewel velvet from MDS Fabrics.

Holdback from Finestra Decorative Hardware and fabric from Kasmir.

Artefice hardware from Helser Brothers

Swing Arm rod from Helser Brothers

Wallpaper from Vahallan Papers
Vahallan Papers

Brimar pleated tape with tassels.

Brimar finial collection.

Printed Sheer from Almedahl

         Square Grommets from Rowley Company.

  Grom-A-Link, new product from Rowley Company