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Friday, February 19, 2010

Jay's Hell-Hooks

Helser Brothers is known for quality decorative iron hardware but the brothers Jay and Mark are also pretty funny guys as evidenced by Jay's post on the Helser company blog today titled "Bloody Walmart Hell-Hooks".

Anyone that has ever set a drapery pin by hand will enjoy the honesty and humor (and pain!) in this posting. The end results? Don't skimp on the drapery pins!

Check it out at www.whyhelser.com

Thanks Jay.

You have conducted the ultimate drapery pin CSI!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

As Simple as Black & White


Color is a mysterious thing.
It has been proven that color can do many things from calming your mood to stimulating your appetite.
Choosing a color for interior design (be it paint, fabric or other finishes) can be a difficult decision.
It isn't as easy as just picking a red or blue.
Colors vary by hue, shade, value and can be warm, cool, saturated or muted.
Color choices are very personal, intimate and biased.
Current trends and fashion influence color as well.
Whew, makes you want to just kick the color buckets and keep it as simple as black and white.


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Kathy Ireland
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